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One less UFO


I always run into a bit of creative panic at this time of year. I want to create so many ideas as gifts etc. and finish off this years UFO (unfinished objects) before silly season and the New Year beckons.

I was delighted to get this little lady (a Laura Long design) off the needles and ready for my little ones birthday coming up. I love working on projects with my kiddos. My little one chose all the colour elements and features of the doll which makes her extra special and unique.

I have paintings on easels, studies in sketchbooks, stitches on needles, patchwork waiting to be quilted and a dozen more projects waiting to start after these are finished.

Sometimes I think about taking a year to focus on just one particular art, but my creativity leads me I have come to realise. One day I could be yearning to paint the next get stuck into my knitting.

Anyway, I still get the same great buzz/feeling of accomplishment when I have completed something, which probably makes ‘creating’ my drug of choice.

Would love to know what multiple creative projects other people have on the go and how they manage their time and energy?


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