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Hello there?


Ten to midnight is the time my brain goes into overdrive. I make a mental to do list before I go to sleep. Sometimes the to do list can be made up of every day things like “Pay bill” or “weed patch” but its the other thoughts I want to journal here. The thoughts of starting, reworking or finishing a creative project.

These projects vary in medium but all have same thread of the love of imagination and creativity going through them. I am extremely flighty and fickle when it comes to what my favourite creative outlet is. For example I love to paint (oils, watercolour ,silk), I love to draw (graphite, charcoal, pastel), I love to stitch (knit, sew and embroider). I also love to bake, cook, garden, write, daydream, design. I have been concentrating on two main themes in the last eighteen months, illustration and botanical painting. Both very different but also very similar as I am constantly looking to grow my own style.

This year I turned 35 and my work life took a new direction. I am now working in politics by day in an administration/supportive role. I was self-employed in a very creative business prior to this so a lot of people thought that I would find my new position to be restrictive or even dull. It has been anything but. My mind is switched on and I am feeling a new sense of independence and inspiration. I am meeting people, facing challenges and even getting to help some here and there and actually loving it. I am working full-time at the moment but at Christmas my job will switch to job share (2.5 days a week). I have already started dusting off my studio and preparing to work there for the other 2.5 days. I have a couple of interesting projects planned.

Anyway to get back to where I was going with this, basically I have a hazy 5 year plan in my brain (before I hit the big 40). When I do hit that number I want to be even more excited about the future so I am going to put in the ground work now. I am very lucky to have three small beautiful kids, a great husband and supportive network of friends and family. Life is not just a rose garden for me as I do have some heartaches going on too so I know that my plans will take a lot of hard work. But I am ready and willing. Baby steps.

I am excited about this blogging journey and the people I hope to meet along the way.

I am trying to shun out the thoughts of “who cares what you have to say” and “what are you doing here” to SO WHAT? and WHY NOT! lol.

So here we go. Please take a moment to say hello if you are passing through to here. I would love to visit your journey too.


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