Thoughts made up of stitches, brush strokes and pencil lines

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow…

From little acorns, might oaks grow...

I have been thinking a lot about this. This is a month where I am embarking on a few new adventures. Taking baby steps but hoping to reach a great distance.

I often think about where inspiration comes from. For me they come from the smallest of things, when I am least expecting it. I have to quickly write it down or put it in my phone or scribble it on a post it note. Tying to capture a golden moment. Maybe it will lead to something, maybe it will not.

I often think there is a power in writing something down. I find if I go over an old journal or a list I made, I think wow, thats amazing, that has actually come through, maybe a month, maybe even five years later!

It might be an idea for a painting or story, a style thought, whatever. I may think nothing of it at the time but what I do not realise is that I have planted a seed.

So today I am thinking about the importance of acknowledging little acorns, who knows what they might turn into.

How about you? Where do your acorns come from and how do you make them count?


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2 thoughts on “From little acorns, mighty oaks grow…

  1. I get discouraged easily and, being a list-maker, I set many more goals than it is humanly possible to accomplish. A while back I started a journal of accomplishments toward my “career” goals. I don’t write if I missed a deadline, or wasted a day, or made an ugly drawing. I don’t even write in it regularly. But every now and then, I write that I’ve entered a contest, or spent 5 straight hours painting, or attempted something new. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and helps me enjoy the journey. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

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